Everyone has this omnipotent view of legislators. Sometimes we forget they are people. They have feelings and most importantly, they have fun! If you take a look at our social media, @onevoiceimpaact on Facebook and Instagram, you’ll see some videos with some very familiar people. Every time I proposed the idea of doing a TikTok with a legislator, the response was a resounding yes! The scheduling was a bit of a debacle. If you have never been to the Capitol building, it’s like the labyrinth, but worse. It was all worth it in the end. I have some great memories to take back home. I will always laugh at the confused faces looking for direction. You don’t understand how funny it is to see people with so much power scramble at the whim of a 20-year-old! These types of activities bridge the gap between youth and legislation. This is only the beginning. 

As we build our network of youth, we will continue to think of more bridges. I hope that we get to a point where youth are not a welcome surprise but an expectation. With that being said, we want an open the opportunity to anyone who is interested. We would love to use our platform to showcase any of our members. Whether it be your story, an achievement, or just a little bit of fun. 

Join the OCU or the One Voice IMPAACT Cinematic Universe! Contact me, Diamond Whitley at [email protected] if you’re interested in collaborating on some content for the future. In the meantime, enjoy our videos! Sign the Youth Voice Pledge today!

Selfless Love Foundation’s youth voice initiative entitled One Voice IMPAACT provides current and former foster youth opportunities to develop skills for leadership and life, advocate for changes to policy and join a network of youth leaders across the state of Florida.