My name is Bianca Feliciano, and I am here to tell you about my biggest influence prior to foster care. When I was about fifteen years old, me and my three siblings were removed from my parents due to neglect. At the time I felt confused, mad, and afraid all at the same time.

There were so many people surrounding my once family and I was met by my case manager who turned out to be the most influential women in my life. At first, I was just so angry at everything that was happening before me that when she approached me, I lashed out. She understood and we gave each other boundaries.

My case manager went ABOVE and BEYOND for me and my siblings. She was the mother I never had, and I never could find before. She listened to my every need and always sought out what was the best in my interest. She advocated for my beliefs and gave me a voice and I can never repay her. I am thankful for all the child welfare workers who have come into my life and shaped me into being the person I am today.

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My name is Bianca Feliciano. I am a 22-year-old college student studying Social Services at St. Petersburg College. I have a license in Cosmetology that I earned this year and two years of dental hygiene at State College of Florida. I love spending time with my family and watching A LOT of Netflix. I love ALL sorts of animals, and I also paint from time to time. I started being involved with OVI this year and I absolutely enjoy OVI. I love the training we do to help us better understand how to make change in our community. In my future I hope to work with children and youth in the system. I want to be able to make a difference in every family I come across. I am very excited for my future!