My whole life I yearned for a family. In fact I thought that not having a family or belonging to a certain group meant that I was worthless and would never be  “loved.” I have been through a total of ten foster placements and none of them had given me the feeling of being a part of their family. I expected so much from people I didn’t know very well while I wasn’t holding myself to the same standards.

Through lots of therapy I learned that what I was looking for in those people wasn’t just a family scenery with a white picket fence or holiday photos. I was looking for love, self love. I soon found my self love and my forever family within the foster system. Through my journey of going from foster home to foster home I unknowingly touched the hearts of so many youth.

Through telling my story and going through my own healing process, I had inspired girls from all different backgrounds. I had given them a voice through friendship, a hand through mentorship and a forever family. I had been able to give something that I couldn’t have for myself. I poured myself into these girls and I am forever grateful for who they have made me. I have become someone they can come to for advice or to just be of company.

I have learned through these girls that family is who you relate to, people who bring out the good in you.

By Princess Mitchell

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